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Life Celebrations

The world needs more celebrations!  Life's joy can be found in commemorating milestones and special events of family and friends.  Spread the a party...we'll bring the music and fun!


No matter if it's a surprise birthday party, anniversary celebration, retirement gala or just a “Congratulations, you did well” party, we can add the music and entertainment to make your event a success.  With each event, we spend time in preparation to ensure the celebration is special and specific to honoree(s), and that guests walk away having had a fun, memorable experience.
​Whatever you are commerating, our DJ entertainment & music from will make your event that much more special and will add life to the party! 

Our Services


Celebrate your marriage milestone with family and friends. We provide the music “soundtrack” of your journey together! For anniversary celebrations, we recapture your first dance together and mix in music from your dating years, spotlighting songs that have special meaning throughout your marriage … children’s births, career victories, vacations, celebrations and quite moments spent together. In addition to the music, our wireless microphones enable your guests to toast "and or roast" you, the happy couple!  To help you plan, we provide an Anniversary Planning Guide. The planner enables us to personalize your celebration, and prompts you to select the various traditions and music you would like to include. Then we put it all together to provide you and your guests with a fun, memory-filled celebration!

Congratulations on your upcoming Anniversary!


With all birthday celebrations, no matter the age, we pay special attention to the honoree to ensure their milestone birthday is one of their most memorable. When you book us, we provide a Birthday Planning Guide to personalize the event. We want to know all about the birthday nobility! We tailor each birthday, offering to help select a theme, include clever surprises, and suggest other means to ensure the honoree feels extra special! We can add interactive games and/or Karaoke to add to the fun! For those “over the hill" or "in the prime of their lives"…and other phrases used to soften the numeric age…they can still party like it's 1999!

​We would love to hear about the Birthday Celebration you are planning!


More than just a birthday celebration, a bar/bat mitzvah marks the passage into adulthood and spiritual growth. Many months of prayer, study and community service have preceded this honor.  We are always privileged when asked to be part of the festivities and take special care to make the honoree the center of attention. Additionally, we strive to make the Mitzvah celebration one your guests will fondly remember for years to come.  We provide a Bar/Bat Mitzvah Planning Guide, which enables us to get to know the honoree better and helps us tailor the event to your desires and wishes. Additionally, we can add to the fun by providing interactive games, karaoke, and other special surprises to make Mitzvah honoree feel extra special. 

We would love to hear about your special son/daughter and the vision for their Mitzvah!

Class Reunions

Music and memories go hand-in-hand!  And aren’t memories what Class Reunions are all about?  We help you and your classmates take that special trip down memory lane!  Prior to the reunion, we have the planning committee complete our Class Reunion Planning Guide.  By gathering information such as your class motto, class song, prom themes, sports accomplishments, class clown, etc. we are able to personalize your reunion.  We also research songs for the four years you were in high school, finding local and world news and trivia for that time ... snippets of information that will help take everyone back to their high school days!  On the evening of your reunion, we play background music during cocktails and dinner.  After dinner, we kick off the dancing with the top songs of your high school years mixed with some other favorites. After all, everyone might be older, but they can still groove!

 Call us for your Class Reunion.  You'll feel like you’re seventeen again!


The selection process is complete; the ring has been purchased and the question asked and answered! Now you want to share your excitement with friends and loved ones! Many brides and grooms choose to celebrate the occasion with a feast and dancing! Let us provide you with the entertainment! ​We'll help with the planning and coordinating to ensure you and your guests have a great time with no stress!  Give us a call and we can assist you with ideas and extras to make the night most memorable and complete your vision.

Family Reunions

What a wonderful time it is to gather cousins, aunts, uncles, parents and grandparents! A great addition to any family reunion is music and the ability to spotlight and pay special honor to family members. With our wireless microphones, all will be able to hear Uncle Jack's family stories,  Cousin Sue's latest antics as well as any family news and announcements to be made.  We can provide interactive games and karaoke as well to add to the fun! Make sure Granddad brings his harmonica! What about a family photo/video montage to play during dinner? We can prepare that as well. ​When you book us, we provide a Family Reunion Planning Guide to help us get to know your family and tailor the reunion to your family's vision.  We are here to add to the fun!


Sweet retirement!  We are always honored to be part of this life celebration and take time to prepare special ways to honor the retiree through music. For instance, we research milestones in the honoree’s life and career and include music to highlight various life events. Our Retirement Party Planning Guide will ensure we get to know the honoree, and guide you through the party planning process to enable us to personalize the event and tailor it to your vision.  We provide MC services to keep the event flowing, wireless microphones for toasts and roasts, and music to keep the guests on the dance floor. Additionally, we can add karaoke and/or interactive games. We can also put together a photo/video presentation to honor the retiree during dinner.  Music, along with our DJ/MC services, will enhance the retirement celebration, providing a fun, memorable night for all. ​

Just Because!

No matter what life event or milestone you are celebrating, the party is always better with music!  Add to that a professional DJ/MC to keep the event flowing, guests engaged and the dance floor alive, then you have yourself a memorable celebration!  Check out our options and get in touch.  Let's celebrate life together!

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